We are proud to introduce the LG SimRoom, an innovative virtual TV showroom crafted by our team to transform LG's online retail experience.

SJ Design Studio partnered with Samsung to create a short video showcasing the benefits of a Samsung account, localized into 45 languages and distributed across 80 websites globally.

SJ Design Studio was originally founded as a boutique agency with a strong focus on publication design and production.

High-end children's wear photography for their new FW collection. Photo-shoot was a blast! But the challenge was finishing the group within the models' attention span.

SJ Design Studio excels in developing and managing content for global product launches. For Samsung Mobile's flagship phone releases, our team crafts compelling content that resonates with diverse international audiences.

Samsung faced the challenge of high call volumes to their customer support center, which necessitated a more efficient method of assisting customers. The goal was to reduce these calls by enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of help content.

Midea, one of China's largest electronics companies, tasked SJ Design Studio with introducing its air conditioning line to the U.S. market. Our studio was responsible for designing, translating, and distributing a comprehensive product catalog showcasing their full line of products across the United States.

As Shumi expanded to Dallas from NJ, they needed an all-around marketing campaign from menu design to social media.

LG faced the challenge of creating marketing pages that are both visually engaging and perform efficiently. The key was to use modern coding practices without compromising the speed and fluidity of the user experience.