Samsung Global Content Production

Global Launch Expertise for Samsung Mobile

Content Creation and Management
SJ Design Studio excels in developing and managing content for global product launches. For Samsung Mobile's flagship phone releases, our team crafts compelling content that resonates with diverse international audiences. We specialize in handling the complexities of timing and logistics to ensure seamless global communication.

Advanced Localization and QA

Utilizing AI for Efficiency
The real challenge lies in the translation and quality assurance of content into 45 languages. SJ Design Studio leverages advanced AI technologies and automation processes to expedite and refine these tasks. This ensures that all content, from text to images, is culturally and linguistically tailored for each market.

Streamlined Distribution with Adobe Experience Manager

Expertise in Global Publishing
Using Adobe Experience Manager, we streamline the publication of content across over 80 sites. Our proficiency with this platform allows for efficient scheduling and distribution, ensuring that all materials go live simultaneously with the launch, regardless of the region.

Conclusion: SJ Design Studio's Global Impact

Delivering Without Hiccups
At SJ Design Studio, we do more than create content; we ensure it reaches the global audience flawlessly and on time. Our expertise in AI and automation, combined with our robust management strategies, positions us as a reliable partner for leading brands like Samsung Mobile, helping them achieve a successful and synchronized global presence.